Omantel Headquarters

Muscat, Oman

Having worked with the Omani Tourism Board, Deborah was introduced to the Omani national telephone company to design a new headquarters building. The clients requested the building be a symbolic representation of Omani culture and an iconic representation of dynamic energy and future possibilities.

With a highly textured surface, the design is both literally and figuratively reflective of worker needs and Omantel’s desires. The two building parts, one publicly oriented and one internally focused, are communally shrouded by a wrapping screen. Shaped to reflect both the national massar headdress and the geological strata of the Hajjir mountain range backdrop, the undulating aluminum screens provide solar control while allowing full surround glazing. It provides discretion, changing vistas to the mountain ranges beyond, and a confident and ambitious visual. With the added lighting design of the shroud, the building is lit at night to highlight both its strength yet fluidity.